The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging

Packing for Sevilla, I feel oddly disconnected.

I’m not going to have my laptop (it’s only just been repaired – it’s not going anywhere.), therefore I’m not going to have the internet. Okay, get all the “teenager-can’t-live-without-internet-what-has-become-of-the-youth-of-today” complaints out of the way, I get it. But I’m not going to have my camera (my Sony DSC-T1 packed up on me), although Dad’s found some old (read: rubbish) cameras from work. I’m also not going to have my iPod, because THAT decided to give Spain a miss, too, what with it not being able to load music without resetting itself until the battery runs out – this is greatly distressing. True story.

I’m at that stage where all my once cutting-edge technology has decided to fail on me. Nick the consumer says: I’m not impressed. I think it influences my purchases, too. I want to buy a dSLR – the Sony Alpha series looks good, but after my camera’s screen went all purple and blurry after only four years (only? Can I say that?) and the service was sub-par, do I take the plunge with them? Back to the epic Canon/Nikon debate for me, then. As far as I can tell, the Canon kit lenses aren’t great. I personally like the Pentax K10D, but I can’t really find a decent stockist ’round these parts. More on that soon.

So I’m sitting here packing some books (*gasp*) and a Canon PowerShot A460. I’m also dabbling in charging my phone, which is convinced it’s November 2003 and I have an unread voice message. Sometimes I think technology’s not worth it. Then I play with my Mac some more. 🙂

(I’m going away Saturday 29th – Tuesday April 1st)