From the inevitable unfounded panicking about my exams to the ‘pens down’ of my final paper, that’s another academic milestone passed.

My first year of university.  Nearly.

My first set of university exams.  Tick.

Now, I have no idea whether or not I’ve passed or failed, or even attained enough to make it onto my beloved Shakespeare course next year – these things make me feel very ill whenever I think about them.

Of course I got stopped by police again, this time on campus, this time by some arrogant plain clothes student lookalike from the Hampshire Constabulary.  Sure, we’re in Surrey, and sure, you sound like you learned how to police (and drive your Volkswagen Golf) from Bad Boys, but even I know when to just be quiet and say ‘yes, sir/no sir’.   But I’m still complaining.  Let’s ring up Surrey Police:  please ring Hampshire Police.  Hampshire Police: please ring Surrey Police.  Don’t you just love this country?  A man might be impersonating a police officer!  My claim was lost in the mire of bureaucracy.

Although the majority of achievements for a typical Fresher have been checked and completed already, I’ve still got an entire publication to create, the NewsShow to stumble through, a set of birthday parties to turn up to, a Summer Ball to go to and a Shakespeare Festival to plan a ‘media hub’ for.  Term ending?  Responsibilities over?  Not for me.

I’d better stop complaining, start pleading for advertising/submissions and continue taking photos.

The sooner I tick those off, the better.